Frequently Asked Questions

We are a relatively newly formed organisation, with a fresh take on guiding, and will provide a friendlier, personal touch than most.

This is of course at your discretion. However, tipping is a feature of the tourist industry, and if you feel the Tour Guide has done a good job then it is appropriate.

Please come 5-10 minutes before the allotted time so that we are ready to go promptly.

Our walking tour lasts for 2 hours.

The tour will have approximately 16 stops, with a 3-5 minute walk between them, but is easily paced.

We have placed a maximum limit of 20 for each tour.

Our walking tour is suitable for all ages, but requires good mobility and are not wheelchair accessible.

The Guide will advise of all safety precautions at the beginning of the walk, but each participant is responsible for their own safety.

As the tour will last for approximately two hours, we will not be stopping for breaks so please use public facilities prior to coming on the tour.

We will provide each participant with a bottle of water, and umbrellas are available for use during the tour.
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