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About Us

Our company was founded by two Caymanian ladies who are passionate about sharing the rich cultural history of the Cayman Islands with the thousands of visitors who arrive on our shores on an annual basis. The idea behind the start of the company came about as we realised that there was a missed opportunity to have visitors learn more about the country they are visiting. Of the thousands of visitors annually we wondered how many actually leave the country knowing more about us than the fact that we have beautiful beaches, amazing dive sites and a natural habitat for stingrays. We felt that it’s important for them to know more about our culture and the humble beginnings of this now thriving financial and tourism destination. That was when the Cayman Islands Tour Company was born.

We want to have our guests leave our tour having enjoyed all the beautiful historic sites, but also having had a fun time doing so. Therefore we restrict the size of our groups to ensure quality rather than quantity. Our tours vary in size from 1 - 20, are fun and energetic, as well as informative and historical.

We provide tours which are suitable for all ages and backgrounds, and importantly have full time professional guides who love what they do. We are a small company, and are able to provide a real personal touch to show we genuinely care about making your stay in the Cayman Islands truly memorable.

We can’t wait for you to join us for a fun and memorable two hour walk of George Town. We hope that those who decide to join us on our tour will be able to share with others what they have learned and encourage them to also join us whenever they decide to make the Cayman Islands their vacation destination.

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